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What To Put in These Fields

Sparkachu Maelworth
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GRANT SHOWBIZ: "On that first European tour, Morrissey had probably been eating, like, a packet of biscuits a day."
DAVE HARPER: "Cake was a popular thing with Morrissey. Big man for a cake. Cream, you know, creamy, tea-shoppy cake. We did stop at a tea shop once. And dumbbells. Big man with the weightlifting. He had a flat in Kensington and we helped him move. Odd flat. One of those sort of middle-aged person's flats, furnished, quite grand, in a mansion block. Gloomy place, with lots of books and Smiths posters and pictures of him. So we're helping him move, you know, and he had these dumbbells - traditional, metal pole, things at the end. I foolishly tried to pick one up, couldn't fucking get it off the ground. And he said, 'Oh, allow me.' And picked it up in one hand. He looked after himself. Despite the diet of cake."